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First Congregational Church of Wayne is a warm and welcoming fellowship dedicated to the mission of bringing God and people together to know and live the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are moving forward with this vision and mission and invite you to join us.

First Congregational offers meaningful worship services enhanced by a wonderful music program. Because of our commitment to the development of a solid Christian foundation, we offer a multitude of opportunities for all ages to grow in faith. We desire to strengthen the Body of Christ by sharing our spiritual gifts with our church, community and beyond.

It is our hope that you will find spiritual nourishment, supportive fellowship and opportunities to serve in Christ’'s name.

Sunday Church Services 10:30 AM

Sunday School 10:45 AM





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Sunday Service
10:30 am

Everyone Welcome!


Our Mission

The First Congregational Church of Wayne strives to be a place of acceptance, faith and love in Christ; worshipping, working and offering ourselves to God in Fellowship with one another and the community. We seek to serve with open minds, open hearts and open hands.

Vision Statement

We are open to all people as we grow in our unity in Christ, accepting that God guides us on this journey of faith. We accept that worship, prayer and study will enable us to grow and develop deeper relationships with God and with one another. Drawing on the deep traditions of our Congregational way, we reach out to our community with who we are and all that we have to offer. By doing so, we become a place of refuge and light for the community. As stewards of the resources with which God has graced us, the First Congregational Church of Wayne will support its Mission, Vision and Values through its governance and stewardship to ensure the endurance and the life of this church.


Worship and Prayer, Christian Love, Faith, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Dignity and Respect, Service and Stewardship, Fellowship and Family

November 6, 2022
Rev. Bob Cooper

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